We are happy to announce our April Yelm Rotary Student of the Month, Justin Workman.
Justin, the eldest child in a family of four is an amazing YHS senior.
He is not afraid to try, fail and retry something and is willing to put in the hours that he needs in order to be successful. He has spent countless hours after school this year helping with the shop program, helping other students, getting projects ready for the plant sale, and helping with the greenhouse to make sure that everything was set for the FFA Plant Sale. He not only wants our programs at the high school to succeed, but takes ownership of the projects and classes he is in. One honorable goal of his is to make the metal workshop a better place than when he found it. He wants to show his appreciation for all of the good times and the positive influence shop teachers have had in his life. His favorite community service project was the FFA Plant Sale because he was responsible for his own section and had fellow classmates available to help him out when needed and vice-versa, and enjoyed helping customers with their orders. He also created Plant Sale items in the metal workshop! He has plans about future projects that are going to benefit the community. Justin said, "I have never regretted my decision of joining Yelm FFA, I will never forget the days I was here. And those days will be some of the greatest and most inspiring days in my life." We appreciate Justin and his amazing contributions to YHS & Yelm!