Oct 22, 2020 7:30 AM
Todd Stancil and Rob Carlson
Stancil and Carlson - Yelm Police Force/Community

Todd Stancil

Serving the Citizens of Yelm since 1995. Appointed to the position of Police Chief in 2002. Serves as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Yelm and has been a member of the Yelm Lion's Club since 2003. Chief Stancil is currently the longest serving Chief/Sheriff in Thurston County.  Chief Stancil grew up in South Thurston County and graduated from Rainier High School in 1989.  He enjoys spending time with his large family and friends.

Rob Carlson

Serving the citizens of Yelm since 2005. Served as a Reserve Officer for Yelm in 1993 before being hired by Seattle Police Department. Sgt. Carlson then moved to Arizona and worked for the Lake Havasu Police Department for 10 years before returning to Yelm in 2005. Sgt. Carlson was promoted to the position of Sergeant in 2007 and also serves as the supervisor for the Reserve Police Officer and Field Training Program.   Sgt. Carlson served in the Armed Forces and grew up in the Olympia area.  He enjoys staying in top physical condition and spending time with his family